Join us in growing "The Right to Heal" and in bringing Essential Surgery to the World Stage.

Here's a quick teaser at what we have filmed so far from our trip to the Philippines, Tanzania, Kenya and Malawi, getting to know patients who need basic essential surgery and what people on the ground are doing every day to provide them with the care they need.

Thus far, we have filmed in Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Bangladesh, & Philippines; all developing countries with low access to surgical care in rural areas and to populations with the most need.  We are telling the stories on film of  index patients who have the conditions and their surgeons who are actively contributing and looking for innovative solutions to create the level of accessible surgical care in those countries.

As we grow our film, we will be filming in other developing countries to add stories and create awareness so we may continue to share information on best practices - while partnering with health care professionals, NGO's, health care institutions and private organizations. 

We need your help and financial support in funding our films growth and want you to become part of “The Right to Heal” mission and movement.