NYC Debut and Screening at Gradian Health


We're pleased to announce the New York City debut and screening of our film, 'The Right to Heal' at Gradian Health Systems on July 31, 2013.

Erica Frenkel (Gradian Health) and Katie Flannagan (Kupona Foundation) hosted the evening at the Gradian Health offices on 160 5th Avenue, NY.  

We are proud to have the support and partnership of Gradian Health Systems, which equip hospitals around the world to deliver anaesthesia safely and economically, in a wide variety of environments, on patients of any age.

Our close ties with Kupona Foundation contributed strength to our combined message about improving global healthcare for women.  Kupona Foundation is working in Tanzania and partnering on the ground with CCBRT, a local NGO and the Ministry of Health of Tanzania to ensure American support has maximum social impact abroad by improving health care, particularly in the area of maternal and newborn health.  


Jaymie Ang Henry, MD, MPH, addressed the crowd with eloquence about the paradigm shift in global surgical care that must occur to bring basic surgery to developing countries and to the people most in need, as a primary global health concern.


The private event attracted global health organizations, members of international agencies and health professionals interested in furthering the message on essential surgery. The evening was summed up by our hostess Emily, "What a wonderful night...the film was just beautiful".

We want to thank our friends and partners who gave us a wonderful New York welcome and such encouragement in helping us give voice to our growing film and message and continuing to spread the word. 

Our fall screening will include new footage from our upcoming travels where we will continue to  document the inspiring stories of those in need of basic surgery today, and the provocative testimonies of their providers and supporters.  We look forward to our fall screening and to seeing all of our New York partners and friends again soon.